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What is Word of Life Local Church Ministries?

LCM stands for Local Church Ministries, and it’s our way of coming alongside the youth ministries of local churches and helping them reach their goals.  We recognize that the youth pastor role and also lay-leadership in a youth group is difficult, lonely work.  Our missionaries are equipped and passionate about encouraging you to impact your students for Christ.


Since the 1940’s, Word of Life has been conducting student evangelism.  Our high-energy events and Biblical message of ‘faith-alone in Christ-alone’ has seen thousands of Canadian students come to Christ.  This continues to be our number one priority today.



Word of Life produces highly effective tools to help youth pastors teach Biblical truths in a way that young people can understand.  Our curriculum, daily devotionals and discipleship guides allow youth workers to focus on their kids without becoming buried in lesson prep.


Leader Training

Through our connections with local churches, Word of Life is committed to helping lay leadership become the best youth ministers possible. Our hands-on training is designed with each local church in mind.


Our missionaries, scattered across the country, team with youth pastors and youth leaders to help them be effective in their ministry to young people.  We also network with multiple churches to conduct region-wide evangelism and training for lay leaders.  Word of Life curriculum is used by over 800 churches across North America and  thousands of young people hear the gospel and are challenged to begin and grow a relationship with Christ through our outreach events.


Click on your region to find your local church missionary and find out what Word of Life is doing in your area:

We believe revival in Canada is going to start with Canada’s youth