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Generation Next

Our plan for the future – Generation Next

From coast to coast to coast, Word of Life Canada is praying that God would raise up the staff we need and the ministry partnerships necessary to make sure every Canadian young person can get within driving distance of a Word of Life evangelistic event.  Our goal is to help these young people grow in their relationship with Christ and be vibrant contributors to our Canadian local churches.  Our plan to see this happen is called Generation Next, and it spans the next 20 years of our ministry broken down into 5, 10 and 20 year goals.  Here’s a big picture snapshot of what we’re asking God to do over the next 5 years:

  • Develop regional leadership in the Atlantic and Western regions of the country
  • See our camps and Bible Institutes reach at least 80% capacity
  • Increase the number of our youth ministry consultants by 5
  • See significant improvements to our 2 properties in Ontario and Quebec
  • Develop ministry partnerships with like-minded youth ministries and churches
  • Develop successful youth evangelistic endeavours across our current regions
  • Be the leader in training lay workers to be effective in their discipleship with students
  • Organize a college ministry trip to Canada’s north
  • Launch a satellite summer camp ministry in a new region

Generation Next Partners
To accomplish these goals, we are trusting God to raise up local churches and individuals who believe in our mission.  We can’t do it alone. We’ll need help from many different sources to see God accomplish all that we’re trusting Him to do.  We need people who believe in our camping ministry to provide funds for camper scholarships.  We need individuals who want to see Canada’s youth intensely discipled to contribute to our Bible Institute scholarship fund.  We need people who are skilled labourers to donate their time to help us with our campus improvement projects.  We’re trusting God to provide us with volunteers to assist us at our evangelistic rallies across Canada.  It’s all about ministry partnerships – recognizing that we’re better together – one body of Christ achieving the Great Commission across our country, starting with Canada’s youth.  If you’re interested in seeing God do something great, there is a way you can be involved personally or share our need with others.  Let’s pray about seeing revival happen in Canada, and let’s watch God work together.

Generation Next People
We need an amazing team of people – a team that will stretch across our country in all 6 regions of Canada.  Our goal at Word of Life Canada is to serve local churches by equipping adult leaders to disciple kids and teens to maturity in Christ.  Through evangelistic events and discipleship training, a Word of Life missionary is passionate about finding out how our resources and networking can help local church youth ministries grow.  Right now, to do all that we’re trusting God to do, we need 30 missionaries across the country in our 6 Canadian regions: 2 for the Maritimes, 8 for Quebec, 10 in Ontario, 1 for the Prairies, 8 for the West and 1 for the North.  But these numbers only represent one area of our ministry – we haven’t even mentioned staffing needs that exist currently and in the future for our camping and Bible Institute ministries.  Across the country, we need people to help us reach Canada’s youth with the truth of God’s Word.

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We believe revival in Canada is going to start with Canada’s youth