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Where Was God When…? DVD

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The Where Was God When…? Series seeks to provide real answers to tough questions. Recorded at Word of Life Snow Camp, this 8-week series is a study on the attributes of God and how the truth of God’s character affects how we deal with tragedy, crisis and pain. This package contains 8 video lessons.

• Omniscience “God knows All Things” in response to an accidental death
• Immutability “God Never Changes” in response to a sudden suicide
• Faithfulness “God is always Faithful” in response to an unexpected divorce
• Sovereignty “God is in Control” in response to an incurable illness
• Love “God Is Love” in response to the discovery of a tumor
• Wisdom “God Cannot Learn” in response to fearful uncertainty
• Omnipresence “God is Everywhere” in response to a missing person
• Mercy/Justice “God is Always Fair” in response to senseless violence

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