Sadly friends, the time of Word of Life Canada running the P:31 event has come to an end. We have loved the events God has enabled us to run over the past 10 years- to Him be the glory for what was accomplished in the lives of teen girls and those who love them. And, we have so appreciated those of you who have come alongside to help with these events with your time, talents and support.

However, we still want to be available to serve the local church in whatever way is helpful for you. If you would like information on women who could come and minister God’s Word in an effective and relevant way for teen girls and women in general, please feel free to contact us. We have several women who would be happy to come and speak to teen girls at your youth group, your girls night or to women at a ladies conference.

The Facebook page will soon be deleted, but you can always contact us here:
WOLBI Facebook
WOLBI Website

Blessings my friends!
Amy Speck for the P:31 team