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Recognition is a fabulous motivator to greater achievement in your club. Each 26½x18-inch wall chart displays the progress of 18 Olympian children as they complete each level and “Go for the Gold!” $3.99 each.

Take time to acknowledge each victory in your club. These attractive certificates for the bronze, silver and gold levels will get children excited to hear their name called during award time. These sharp, colorful certificates are even more significant when combined with the Olympian pins, patches, and medallions. Package of 10.

Just what your children need to carry their Quiet Time, notes and other important items to club! This Olympian Drawstring Sports Pack will help keep everything together until they get back home!

What better way is there to recognize your Olympians than with a shiny medallion? These colorful 2½-inch diameter medals come with an attractive ribbon imprinted with Word of Life Olympians. Each Olympians group has its own distinctive colored ribbon: Challenger – red, Conqueror – blue, and Champion – green. Your Olympians will feel a great […]

Large 3×3 inch full color embroidered patches to award every Olympian who completes membership requirements. Membership patches are designed to encourage children and coaches to become full members of the Olympian Club. They can be displayed in our sharp Olympian award display box, or they can be ironed on back packs, Bible covers, shirts or […]

Here is a beautiful Olympian trophy to give special recognition to the child who completes the gold level for two years. The two-year trophy is 6½ inches tall and has the Olympian logo on an attractive riser, displayed on a wood base. Trophy comes with a detachable nameplate for engraving. Here is a beautiful Olympian […]

A premium quality tape for installation of the O-vent Circle on tile, wood or concrete floors. Sold in roll 50 yards by 1-½ inches. One roll of each color is more than sufficient to set up the game circle.

Children will love to have an Andy or Emily Gopher of their very own! These cuddly stuffed friends make great gifts or rewards. Each furry character stands 11 inches high and is dressed to match Andy or Emily. Sold separately.

Get new students and visitors plugged in right away with this brand new four-week edition of the Quiet Time Interactive, featuring key passages from the book of John in the new interactive format. This is also a great tool to give a new believer to help them understand the Gospel of John.