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Here are just a few of the many stories of how God has been working through the ministry of Word of Life Canada:


A Story of Life Change 

“I just wanted to write and thank you for your ministry and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Many years ago you came to my Church and spoke…The message you spoke changed my life as I learned so much about God’s love and forgiveness. Back-story: I grew up i a very dysfunctional family of divorce, anger, and much confusion. Growing up I was abused…from the ages of 5-14. My parents would not believe me…This grew silence, hatred, loneliness, and depression.The Friday before you came I had written two letters…and had my suicide planned out for the following day. That night…my friend begged me to come to…where the Word of Life group was going to be… I thank God for bringing my friend into my life and your [ministry] team at that exact time! It was there I learned about how God does not hold me accountable to things that were done to me and how His love and forgiveness is greater than anything I’d ever known! What a weight lifted!  That weekend I re-dedicated my life to Christ and the following year I went to the Bible Institute and was able to talk with someone about my past… 
I just wanted to thank you for your ministry and allowing God to use you to change lives! Praying for you and your family and the ministry you continue to have!
Thank You!

-an anonymous person


A Story of Salvation

One of our male students applied just weeks before Registration last summer with one of those ‘multi-flag’ files a Registrars and Deans dread. This young man was a professing unbeliever having grown up as a missionary kid in various muslim countries and very disillusioned by disappointments and poor personal decisions. Trouble with the law, attempted suicide, psychological meds and treatment, etc. brought this young man to a place of humble searching. A WOL Canada board member connected with this young man, began a process of discipleship, and recommended WOLBI Owen Sound. This young man was accepted on probation as long as he remained teachable and did not hinder the growth of others.

During Open Air Evangelism week he realized Christianity is true and accepted the Lord as his Saviour. He immediately began discipleship with Jon Ward, Dean of Students, and has been progressing in His relationship with Christ!


A Story of Salvation from the Student Body

One of our male students came timidly to Leadership Week just for the training. He was not selected but faithfully found many opportunities to minister through music. He plugged in and served every opportunity he received but found no peace. Through numerous conversations with staff members he wrestled with assurance of salvation having grown up in a solid Christian home and professed faith at a very young age. Just after Spring break he made a startling realization – he was not genuinely saved. He began a relationship with Christ and now passionately serves with true purpose, confidence and freedom. He is now considering pastoral ministry and/or missions.


A Story of Salvation from Open Air Evangelism

It is the final day of Open Air. Students are tired and ready to head home on Thanksgiving break. Some conversations that day had gone well but some had been downright mean. “Just a few more laps around the park in breezy downtown Brantford, ON and then off for a few much deserved and much needed days of rest,” thought a couple of our BI girls to themselves. But there was still that lady, alone, by the tree. The last time they had passed and pondered talking to her she had picked up her cell and really didn’t seem like she wanted to be bothered. “One last lap…almost done,” they thought again. No, there was still time and this lady needed to hear about Jesus too (if she was even willing to talk). The girls approached her with apprehension. She was friendly. “Phew, at least this time will be pleasant.” The conversation starts, continues, the gospel is shared and this lady, the one who was almost passed by without a conversation, accepted Jesus!
The girls, as taught in training, reviewed the points of the gospel to make sure she understood. This lady not only completely understood and believed but testified something like this:
“This morning I was going to commit suicide but I realize now that I don’t have to care what people think. You have helped me realize that God cares for me and that someday I will be safe in His arms!!”
Since that week, the girls have kept in touch. This lady has found true, continued joy in her relationship with God through Jesus and she has begun going to Church to grow in her faith!


A Story of Encouragement

“God blesses us every day with many blessings. He gives us many opportunities to serve Him. As a Pastor, my wife Debbie and I have been privileged over the years to be in evolved in a number of  evangelistic outreaches. One that has touched us both is the Word of Life Superbowl, now known as City Shock held in Moncton NB. This year we had an opportunity to serve in counseling those who came forward after hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel. The basket ball game was great, the rally and all-night activities were exciting. But when young people stood and professed a decision for Christ tears welled up in our eyes. If that does not move you nothing will. It is a blessing to counsel these young people and to hear them express the reasons for coming forward. Debbie had a wonderful opportunity to counsel a young girl with special needs. For many this is the beginning of a new life. God’s gift of Eternal Life. Thank you Jesus!” -Pastor Henry Grift, New Brunswick

We believe revival in Canada is going to start with Canada’s youth